IT Spending Advisory for IT Hardware & IT Software, designed & built for CIO's & CTO's office Launches Online IT Procurement Intelligence Product for Businesses to Find Best Prices for IT Hardware & Software

Want to know if your IT hardware and software expenses are as per budgets?

Want to save upto 70% of your current IT expenses?

Teckost helps you cut down expenses by sourcing the right product at optimum prices

'Why Teckost'?

Teckost is your Virtual Procurement Officer and IT Advisor

Has a repository of best prices for various IT products

Teckost helps you negotiate objectively and quickly

Helps you save upto 70%

How is Teckost different from Google?

Teckost is a single portal which provides prices of multiple items from various OEMs without any hassle

Teckost helps you get the right price for optimum services or products you seek instead of the list prices.

Provides up-to-date prices for IT hardware, software, and services, customized to the country, vendor, business size, etc

Business classification is based on IT spend—micro, small, medium, large and extra large Prices based on annual IT spend

Prices are from Tier1 Supplier, Tier 2 Supplier and Tier 3 Supplier Location-specific

Continuous updates on prices, technology, and products Vendor / Technology / Product agnostic

Tier 1 Supplier

Tier 1 firms are the largest, wealthiest, and most experienced in the industry Eg. Dell, HP, Lenovo, Cisco, Juniper, Oracle, IBM, Palo Alto firewall, Dell EMC Storage, NetApp Storage, Dell Server, HP Server, Autodesk, Adobe, VMware, Trend Micro, MacAfee, Symantec, F5 Load Balancer, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud etc., This tier is so exclusive, in fact, that they have the expertise, resources, and finances to take on large scale projects.

Tier 2 Supplier

Mid-tier companies are still key players in the IT industry. As the name suggests, they are somewhere in between tier 1 and 3 Eg., Acer Laptop, Acer Desktop, Toshiba Laptop, Sony Laptop, HP Switches, 3COM Data Switches, Extreme Data Switch, Foundry Networks, Dell Data Switch, IBM Cloud, NTT DATA Cloud, Hitachi Intel Xeon Server etc.,

Tier 3 Supplier

Tier 3 companies take on the smaller projects. Tier 3 firms usually take on projects around the million-dollar range; sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. Eg., ASUS Laptop, Samsung Laptop, Fujitsu Laptop, Dlink Data Switch, ESDS Cloud etc.,

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Why Teckost

TECKOST the First-Ever Product of its kind, IT Advisory services in Digital Platform. A dynamic knowlidge repository of IT Spend delivers the details of Right global pricing for IT Products and Services offered by Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers.
Today one of the biggest challenges for IT professionals in ascertaining the right price before investing on IT and Teckost's Knowledge repository would help overcome this challenge. By referring this tool, IT Professionals would be able to save up to 70% on their IT investment and useful for organizations those who spend $50,000/- annually.


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